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View-Master Scenes

Each of the stereoscopic animations consists of 7 frames simulating the 7 images seen through each View-Master.
When clicking continuously, the user experiences an animated 3D scene, as well as a form of “manual” augmented reality of every location in the city.

Empire State Building – Lexington Avenue and 32nd Street
Suicide: (Man jumps from observation deck of Empire State building).
“Steve just lost his job after being a loyal employee for 9 years. This incident
in Steve’s life represents the breakdown of norms and leaves him
confused and disoriented, seeing suicide as an easier solution.”

Charging Bull – Broadway Street between Morris Street and Battery Pl.
Indifference: (Person trips and falls down, nobody helps).

“Naomi is walking on the street. She trips and falls down. Nobody seems to bother to even give her a hand.”

Duffy Square – 47th Street and 7th Avenue
Exhibitionism: (Person takes clothes off in public).
“Christina simply likes to show her breasts in public no matter who is looking,
it just turns her on and it doesn’t matter how anyone else feels.”

Strawberry Fields – 71st Street and Central Park West
Larceny: (Person is asleep on bench, thief steals from purse, nobody reacts).
“Nicole fell asleep in the park, and meanwhile, a guy sits next to her, goes through her purse and steals her wallet.
Some of the people around notice, but they don’t do anything.
But if the roles were to be reversed, they would be upset if no one tried to help.”

Brooklyn Bridge – Fulton Ferry Landing Pier
Suicide: (Person jumps from bridge into water, water taxi sails by).
“Karen has all the money she needs in her life, but she finds that the one
she truly wants and can’t have is someone to love and care for. Nobody stopped her, so she just jumped.”

South Street Seaport – Fulton and South Street
Harassment: (Person masturbates in public).
“Ralph likes to get off in public. It triples the pleasure for him.
Meanwhile people around glance at him but never interfere.”

59th Street Columbus Circle Subway Station – A or C train
Suicide: (Person walks into tracks, train arrives, hits person).
“Stephanie is tired of the routine in her life, she feels like she’s getting older
and it’s too late to do anything new in her life. She’s too scared to try.
She’s even scared to take her own life away. So she waits for the train and walks into the tracks.”